Legendary Canadian Horror Punks Forbidden Dimension Are Finally Playing New York City

Noisey/Vice, August 2016

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I interviewed the members of Forbidden Dimension about being the best horror rock band you’ve probably never heard of.


Retrobituaries: Forensic Science Pioneer Frances Glessner Lee

Mental Floss, July 2016

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A look back at the life and influence of the “Mother of Forensic Science” who constructed the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. 

This Chef Wants You to Eat Your Grief

Munchies/Vice, June 2016

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An interview with chef Claire Phelan, who hosts speakeasy-style secret pop-up dinners like the one I attended, which was designed to assuage grief with its therapeutic ingredients.


Perfume Bottles, Boats, and Shrunken Heads in a Museum of Everyday Objects

Hyperallergic, June 2016

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I wrote about my dreamy and disorienting visit to the unique and bizarre Pitt Rivers Museum.


Why I Decided to Become a Death Doula at 33

Refinery29, October 2016

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Death doula Evi Numen explains what led her on this unusual path and what her deathbed duties entail.


17 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Funeral Directors

Mental Floss, June 2016

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I wrote about the behind-the-scenes secrets of morticians for Mental Floss.


11 Movies Inspired by Ed Gein’s Horrifying Crimes

The Line-Up, June 2016

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A round-up of the films inspired by the crimes of the ghoulish Ed Gein, the Butcher of Plainfield.


The Challenges of Showing the Artifacts of an Early European Wax Museum Today

Hyperallergic, May 2016

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I spoke to the founder of the Morbid Anatomy Museum and the curator of the House of Wax exhibit about the challenges of exhibiting antique ethnographic models, and how they’ll be handled as the collection moves to the Alamo Cinema & Drafthouse.


Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell Is Making an Ash of Himself

PenthouseMagazine.com, October 2015

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Bruce Campbell filled us in on playing Ash again, his hatred of sex scenes, and his love of marijuana.


It’s Okay to Giggle at the Clown Funeral

Atlas Obscura, February 2016

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On the first Sunday in February, a funeral took place at All Saints Church in Haggerston, North London. At the beginning of the proceedings, clowns entered the church anarchically, causing a ruckus, poking people with puppets, and brandishing balloon animals. This was to be expected, for the occasion was the Grimaldi Service—London’s annual clown funeral.